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    FOND contractors have the opportunity to work with us to perform the services listed below, and much more. Our team's unique and vast expertise opens the door for increased earning potential for qualified and approved contractors.  

    Get pre-qualified today and start the new year off right with FOND LLC / The Fond Organization / The FOND Development Group. 

    Programs & Services

    Pre-Disaster Inspection/Maintenance Program


    The extreme weather events of 2017 prove the phrase, “It’s not a matter of if but when,” and while we do not have a crystal ball, we have a team of professionals specializing in disaster management. 

    Our pre-disaster inspection and maintenance program was designed by industry experts with over 40 years combined experience. Our program services include but are not limited to:


    ¨ Quarterly property inspections: photo/video

    ¨ Semi-annual property inspection reports, including    photo/video

    ¨ Monthly maintenance inspections

    ¨ Quarterly maintenance inspection reports

    ¨ Yearly energy efficiency reports

    ¨ Disaster-related insurance claims representation 

    ¨ Maintenance Management

    Other disaster services are available, upon request.

    ¨ Emergency Operations Management

    ¨ Disaster Management

    ¨ Flood Prevention

    ¨ Grant Management/Administration

    Commercial Property Maintenance and Management

    FOND has an extensive and successful history of creating efficient and cost-effective management programs for a wide variety of real estate holdings.  We specialize in retail, office, marina, and industrial property management with a particular focus on Asset Management, Restoration and Development Programs, Maintenance Programs, Energy Management Services, and Risk Services.

    Emergency Operations Management


    At FOND, our experts are stringently hand-picked with years of first-hand experience, training, and education. We have the ability to create and/or offer Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs), Safety Inspections, OSHA/NAFPA code adherence analysis, Inclement Weather Programs, Grant Administration, Risk/Hazard Assessments, Flood/Soil Erosion Modeling, Disaster Prevention Products, Resilience Planning, and much more.

    Qualified Bidding Opportunities

    Weekly Project Lists

    Fond has an accomplished and lucrative history in Construction, which allows him to specialize in Commercial and Residential Services, Construction Services, and Disaster Restoration Services, which include but are not limited to:

    • Estimating
    • Design Consultation
    • Value Engineering
    • Permitting
    • Interior / Exterior Renovations
    • Tenant Build-Outs
    • Hotels / Motels / Multi-Unit
    • Office Buildings
    • Warehouses / Flex Space
    • Restaurants
    • Fire / Smoke Restoration
    • Wind / Water Restoration
    • Mold & Hazardous Material Remediation
    • FOND Custom Homes
    • Additions
    • Kitchen / Bath Remodeling
    • Outdoor Kitchens
    • Local | State | Federal Contracting

    We have multiple project bidding opportunities available for qualified and approved FOND contractors.

    We also the ability to offer our contractors access to a broad variety of products as we are direct Dealers / Distributors / Resellers. 

    Flood Prevention Deployment Teams

    The Poseidon Flood Prevention Plan® delivers flood mitigation and prevention services to the commercial market direct from the manufacturer, US Flood Control.

    We are recruiting deployment teams to be trained and certified in a strategic location placement program across Florida.

    Only FOND qualified and approved contractors, and Firefighters will have access to this program.

    Property Maintenance Contractors

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