• FOND Senior Executives

    Anthony Fond, CEO, FOND LLC

    Anthony Fond's instinctive ability to recognize and develop methods to; exceed commercial construction and property management standards, effectively minimize cost, Design-and-Build hazard-resilient communities, and to restore our nation's critical infrastructure is beyond compare. His meticulously selected team excels in creating solutions identified by management, marketing, policy, cost,  or infrastructure issues.

    Mr. Fond's core philosophy begins with building a partnership with each client, and is instrumental in achieving high returns while managing appropriate risk. Over the years, FOND worked successfully and diligently to produce asset value from income-producing properties.    

    Mr. Fond brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to “The FOND Development Group” (FOND LLC, THE FOND/MRS ORGANIZATION, THE FOND ORGANIZATION, The FOND Development Group),  and is a co-inventor for numerous "FOND/MRS ORGANIZATION" R&D projects. His extensive credentials demonstrate accomplishments acquired through all-encompassing business insight, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and exceptional executive leadership.  

    Belinda "Bella" Bentley, Ph.D., Principal

    In eight (8) years, Dr. Bentley obtained an AAS in Emergency Management, a  BT in Emergency Responder Administration, an MS in Homeland Security, and a Ph.D. in Emergency Management. Dr. Bentley has over 20 years boots-on-the-ground experience on the front lines of disaster events  consisting of, acts of terrorism (OKC Bombing-9/11), missing children  (Kirsten Renee Hatfield), natural disasters (tornados-floods-hurricanes-etc.), mass casualty events (OKC bombing, 9/11), auto accidents, etc.   

    Her vision for MRS and “The FOND Development Group” (FOND LLC, THE FOND/MRS ORGANIZATION, The FOND ORGANIZATION) encompasses a combination of Transformational and Servant Leadership, and she believes in leading by example using a framework of open-door communication practices at all levels, in an atmosphere that upholds integrity, honesty, and ethically-based principles. 

    Dr. Bentley delivers superior Risk Management Services, and is a co-inventor for numerous processes and products.  Her impeccable research proficiency and comprehension allow for extensive design, viability, and applicability across multiple industry platforms. She reviews manuscript submissions for the International Journal of Cyber Criminology, and in previous years, she specialized in public relations, marketing, real estate, and property management, which gives her a unique edge in mitigation and prevention strategies across the board.   

    Dr. Bentley’s creative drive, intuitive leadership ability, and instinctual outside-the-box thinking support dynamic and lucrative research and development projects that focus on community resilience, critical and  strategic mitigation practices, and pragmatic solutions to rebuild the  nation’s critical infrastructure. She envisions a legacy that will lead the nation in sound implementation practices that encourage and promote her profound passion; to protect and defend life and property from natural and man-made disasters. 

    Dr. Bentley brings a unique, innovative talent to “The FOND Development Group.”  Her ability to visualize solutions to challenging problems through the development of carefully engineered products provides substantial opportunity for resilient community redevelopment and significant ROI.  

    A. Lewis Howard, CDO


    A. Lewis Howard specializes in estimating, FEMA infrastructure grants, sub-contract staffing services to FEMA prime contractors, dispute resolution, federal contract management, policy interpretation, code implementation, and forensic accounting. He has successfully managed numerous contracts for over fifteen (15) years with FEMA as an SAE and Core Employee, Technical Assistance Contractor, and state and local consultant. He is a Project Specialist, Certified CEF, Estimator, PA Mitigation Specialist, Public Assistance Coordinator, State Liaison, TAC Group Lead, and FEMA Deputy Task Force Lead. His relevant FEMA training includes, but is not limited to Cost Estimating Format (CEF) Train the Trainer, NEMIS (Mitigation) Train the Trainer, Data Warehouse Train the Trainer, Managing FEMA Staff in the JFO, Team Building for Supervisors,  and Contracting Officers Technical Representative Training.  

    Mr. Howard has been on the front lines of over twenty (20) disasters and managed recovery operations in approximately fifteen (15) parishes surrounding Hurricane’s Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike. As the FEMA Deputy Task Force Lead for SW Louisiana (SWLA), he managed dozens of FEMA personnel and thousands of recovery project grants for local government entities, which equated to over $1 billion in federal funding. These projects included repairs to, and often replacement of, hospitals, airports, schools, police stations, fire stations, and more.  


    Mr. Howard has been a professional estimator for over 25 years, and over the last decade, has prepared more than 700 estimates totaling over $500  million. His extensive career also includes employment in industries such as Architecture, Construction, Engineering, and Fabrication. 

    Mr. Howard brings proficient, strategic, and technical expertise to MRS and  “The FOND Development Group" (THE FOND/MRS ORGANIZATION, FOND LLC, THE FOND ORGANIZATION). His ability to think outside-the-box is unparalleled by any standard, and he is a co-inventor for numerous R&D projects.  

    Our JV Companies


    FOND, founded in 1999, is a privately held limited liability company headquartered in Central Florida, with operations extending across the eastern United States, and beyond. FOND specializes in commercial real estate design, development, construction, project management, property management, and commercial loan  brokerage. The FOND Brand is synonymous with excellence in clearly recognized philanthropic achievements, and a reputation gained through  decidedly ethical business principles. 


    MRS is a Certified WOSB/EDWOSB/DBE, limited liability company located in Central Oklahoma; a proprietary, invention and solution-based organization established to provide emergency and disaster management, homeland security, and cyber security consulting, as well as to produce and maintain exceptional products and services across multiple industry platforms through expert knowledge, superior leadership, unparalleled research and  development (R&D), and impeccable branding strategies.  

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