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    Special Announcements

    New Inventions Announcement: The Livable Levee System™

    The  intended purpose of The Livable Levee System is to create a union of  functionality and resiliency, utilizing a combination of green  engineering technologies, existing materials and products that exceed  energy-efficient standards, and self-sustaining design principles. These  principles present a platform to address green engineering technologies  that increase economic growth and decrease reinvestment over the entire  life cycle while improving quality by redeveloping a new ‘status quo’  within the industry. The multi-faceted design of the system will  mitigate against natural and man-made hazards, provide commercial space  and residential housing, as well as incorporate building standards that  turn the entire structure into a “safe room.” This system was designed  to meet or exceed energy-efficient standards and integrates existing  materials and products already approved for use nationally and  internationally to create a holistic, renewable energy system that will  deliver significant ROI within a Public-Private Partnership (P3). 

    Release Coming Soon

    100% Self-Sustaining, Renewable, Off-The-Grid:  Hotel, Commercial Office Complex, and Grocery Store

    About Us

    Witt Global Partners


    FOND LLC and MRS LLC, collectively The Fond Development Group, joined with Witt Global Partners in 2018 to deliver state-of-the-art, self-sustaining resilience projects and disaster-resistant inventions that provide solutions to many of today’s most horrific crises. Our combined products and services, as well as our Executive Leadership Teams, are here to serve our communities with over 150 years combined experience. We will stand by you in any situation and bring you the solutions you need to make your schools, businesses, and infrastructure the safest, most secure, and resilient structures, now and for the foreseeable future.

    New Programs

    The Nationwide Resilience Project


    The goal of this holistic project is to construct profitable, resilient, self-sustaining communities that can withstand the devastating effects of natural and man-made disasters while being regarded as some of the safest places to live and visit in the world. 

    We hope you will share in our dream to leave a legacy for future generations where safety, security, and resilience becomes the new kind of ‘Smart’ City; an example for the world to emulate. 

    For more information, please download our project outline below.

    The SafetyFirst SecurityPod System™


    The  SafetyFirst SecurityPod System provides a shelter in any storm, whether  natural or man-made as it’s multi-functionality and design-build  parameters are focused on safety, security, and durability.  Each system  is custom built with flexibility in mind, and constructed using the  patented Quad-Lock® system (provided by ICF and More, LLC) making it  virtually indestructible.  

    For more information, please download our program outline below.

    Pre-Disaster Inpsection Program

    Designed  by industry experts with over 200 years combined experience in disaster  management, real estate, property management, development,  construction, project management, and much more. We help you reduce  recovery costs and guide you to a more self-sustaining, resilient  future. 

    For more information, contact

    The Scissortail Program


    The  Fond Development Group (FOND LLC and MRS LLC) and ICF and More LLC  partner to bring resilient, disaster-resistant solutions to communities  across the nation. 

    As more stories appear on our morning news channels  about extreme weather, drivers colliding into homes, earthquakes, and  more, we can no longer ignore continuing devastation. 

    We  hope you will join us on our path to leaving a legacy for future  generations by bringing a new level of resilient, renewable,  self-sustaining solutions to our homes, businesses, and communities.

    For more information, please download our program outline below.

    Revitalization and Resilient Building Program (docx)


    SafetyFirst Proposal- (docx)


    Scissortail_A New Kind of Resilient Community (docx)


    The FOND Standard

    Our Commitment to Revolutionary Change

    Our commitment to our team, our customers, our community, and our projects across the nation is centered on core values of integrity and ethically-based business practices.

    We firmly believe in setting 'The FOND Standard' in everything we do. We intentionally raise the bar as it fosters innovation, collaboration, and imagination.  Our philosophy of 'Big Picture' thinking nurtures our ability to create diverse programs that minimize cost and maximize efficiency and productivity.

    We know the industry and the markets we serve, and we recognize the 'status quo' is no longer acceptable.  'The FOND Standard' does not subscribe to the 'status quo' as we endeavor to generate extraordinary solutions to some of the industry's and the world's most demanding and destructive problems.

    Our Commitment to Ethically-based Business Practices

    In today's world, it is crucial to take a stand on ethically-based business practices.  'The FOND Standard' incorporates the core values of the Executive Leadership Team into every facet of The Fond Development Group.

    The FOND team enforces strict Code of Ethics compliance, internally and externally.  We provide a Code of Ethics Handbook to each company after thorough vetting and subsequent approval to work with FOND.  We integrate procedures that enhance ease-of-reporting for potential Code of Ethics breach as it mitigates the risk associated with anti-corruption policies. 

    Building trust requires actions that subscribe to excellence in all manner of business, both on and off the clock.

    Our Commitment to Diversity

    When we seek to define diversity, we see the simplicity of the meaning; differences.  Visualizing diversity as a strength gives way to opportunity and growth.  At FOND, we embrace the value of our differences because, when recognized, diversity becomes anchored in the strength of our character. 

    FOND also provides diversity of programs; products and services specifically tailored to provide solutions determined by each client's need.  Each business we work with is unique, so we take the time to get to know our client's vision, mission, goals, and the passion behind it all.  We listen, ascertain, and ask questions to determine the need behind the need.

    Our Commitment to Integrity

    “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or  measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” ― Douglas  Adams 

    The Fond Development Group is committed to living and working with integrity.  We are driven to succeed in the way we live, the way we communicate with others, and the partnerships we develop over time.  

    All of us at FOND share the same ideals, and we expect no less from those we partner with in business.  Transparency is essential when acting with integrity and sincerity

    A DBA / Division of FOND LLC

    A DBA / Division of MRS LLC


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    FOND Documents

    This section will showcase documents, slideshows, presentations, and more.  Updates will be added periodically.

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    Electronic Records and Signatures Policy (docx)


    SafetyFirst Proposal (docx)


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